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Technical specifications of Eco servers

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Technical characteristics

Platform generation> 6 years> 3 years> 18 months
Number of sockets1 CPU1 CPU1 to 2 CPUs
Number of cores2 – 64 – 246 – 24
Quantity4GB to 64GB32GB to 256GB32GB to 512GB
Public bandwidth100Mbit/s250Mbit/s500Mbit/s
Unlimited trafficYes(1)Yes(1)Yes(1)
Private bandwidth---
Services included   
IPv4 addresses111
IPv6 subnet/128/64/64
Anti-DDoS protectionYesYesYes
Anti-DDoS Game Protection(2)YesYesYes
OVHcloud Link Aggregation---
Storage space-100GB500GB
IPMI and KVM on IP-Optional Yes
Operating system and distributionsYesYesYes

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Monitoring and interventions24/724/724/7
Technical supportTicketTicket + telephoneTicket + telephone
LocationFrance, Canada, Australia, SingaporeFrance, Germany, United Kingdom, Poland, Canada, Australia, Singapore, United StatesFrance, Germany, United Kingdom, Poland, Canada, Australia, Singapore, United States
Options available    
Additional IP (max)-128256
Load Balancer--Yes
Additional backup storage-YesYes
NAS storage space-YesYes

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(1) Excludes datacentres in the Asia-Pacific region.
(2) Only available on Game servers.

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Your questions answered

How do I choose my dedicated server?

To find the best dedicated server for your needs, please check the following:

  • the quantity of resources required (processor, memory, disk space, bandwidth, etc.)
  • the operating system required
  • the technical requirements that are essential for the application to work properly (e.g. a database needs a high read/write speed)
  • the dedicated server location (host your application or game as close as possible to your users to limit latency)

Are Eco dedicated servers compatible with the vRack private network?

Eco servers (Kimsufi, So you Start and Rise) are not compatible with our private network. If you would like to use this service and securely connect your dedicated servers to one another, we recommend the OVHcloud Bare Metal server ranges (Advance, Scale and High Grade).

Which distributions are compatible with my Eco dedicated server?

All of our operating systems and distributions are listed here.

What is OVHcloud Anti-DDoS protection, and what is it used for?

This is our system to protect against distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. The aim of these attacks is to compromise a number of servers, and force them to overload others. The targeted infrastructure is then overwhelmed with several thousands of connection requests per second, making it unavailable as a result.

DDoS attacks are becoming more widely used by malicious parties, and OVHcloud is working hard to limit their impact.

OVHcloud Anti-DDoS protection is not optional — it's included with all of our servers.